Trials and tribulations in tuberculosis research: Can plant based drug(s) be the solution?


  • Smita Mishra University of Delhi
  • Manisha Khatri University of Delhi
  • Varsha Mehra University of Delhi


TB infection, TB diagnosis, Ayurvedic approach, Tuberculosis, Antibacterials, Vaccine, Phytomedicine


Tuberculosis is a major health problem, which is not only fatal, if left untreated; but also spreads rapidly and is persistent in nature. This makes it one of the world’s deadliest diseases. There is a recorded history describing prevalence of TB-like symptoms since ancient times. During 1980s, the disease became more widespread due to the upsurge of HIV infection, which renders the individual immune-compromised, and hence more prone to Mycobacterium tuberculosis bacilli infection. While the scientific world battled with the Mycobacterium persistence and latency, MDR forms appeared making the challenge for eradicating TB, all the more complex and arduous to achieve. Indian scriptures, especially the Vedas, are rich sources of information on plant based medicinal products with amazing efficacy to cure various diseases, including TB. This area remains largely unexplored. The present review discusses a general outline of the disease, drugs currently used for the treatment, new drugs and vaccines as well as ayurvedic approaches for TB treatment.

Tuberculosis drugs design



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