Inflammation and Ageing: Probable role in Male infertility

  • Silpi Acharyya Taki Govt. College
Keywords: Ageing, Inflammation, Cytokines, Oxidative stress, Infertility, receptors


A close association between male reproductive tract infection and inflammation with male infertility has been observed in close prominence. Male reproductive tract infection may arise due to various reasons, leading to inflammation with release of inflammatory mediators. Interactions among the mediators with other regulators affect sperm function and in addition, oxidative stress may develop owing to altered spermatogenesis and steroidogenesis. An increased inflammatory condition is observed on advancement of age in males and the incidence of inflammation in male reproductive tract may vary greatly among elderly men. Ageing is a pro-inflammatory condition which give rise to mitochondrial damage, oxidative stress, immunosenescence, endocrinosenescence, finally leading to impairment of the normal sperm function. The study about impact of inflammation on ageing and further its impact on male health draws great significance due to its role as a predictor of pathogenesis in relation to male infertility as well as on overall adverse male health outcome.

aging male infertility
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